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A Brief Overview of Where the Next Decent Platform For Digital Asset Management Lies


Decentralized autonomous organizations called cryptosystems are working on making the transition from centralized to decentralized protocols via the use of an underlying asset, such as ether or bitcoins. 

The use of ether as a base is one of the most recent innovations with regards to decentralized asset management and does not actually involve any transfer of cash itself.

 However, the general idea is to use digital currencies as the means by which you would be able to move value on the market.

The underlying assets being referred to in this instance are ripple and bitcoin. Ripple is an application that makes use of the Ripple function, which is a mathematical concept that was invented by Bell Labs a long time ago. This concept is used in such areas as the stock market, where traders can "trickle" money from one area of the market to another without having to wait for the actual transfer to take place. Similarly, the concept works in the context of the digital currencies themselves. By transferring value via the internet, aether and bitcoin can be transferred from one place on the network to another.

One of the biggest problems with existing blockchains like the e Stellaris and the Hyperledger is scalability. The problem is that because these blockchains are operating with multiple computers each having a different capability to transact, it can be very difficult to make improvements to the system. By contrast, when dealing with an asset management solution like ether or bitcoins you have the ability to scale the ledger up and down at will. In order to do this you need to be able to upgrade the software that underlies the cryptography that is used, as well as the way in which all of the transactions take place. Therefore, you have the ability to scale your application, which is necessary if you are going to take advantage of new applications like the ripple protocol for digital currencies.

The other altcoin that makes use of the Bitcoin protocol is Ether. While it is true that Ether is not yet widely adopted, the people behind it are doing their best to make it so. In order to do this they are developing a new version of MetaTinker called Metamask which has the ability to interface well with the different currencies. This is important because not every digital currencies has the ability to interface well with the other and therefore the need to keep up with the competition is vital.

The developers behind Ethereum are also working hard to increase the scalability of the platform. However, this is something that no other coin exists today that can offer. As a result, if you look at other cryptos, they are able to scale up and outgrow the size of their blockchains. With the implementation of the Raid Protocol on top of the Ethereum network, it is likely that there will be a number of forks throughout the platform, giving users the flexibility and freedom in how they wish to transfer value. Therefore, the use of the Stellaris and Hyperledger technologies is not enough to secure a place as one of the premier digital currencies, especially if the competition continues to grow.

The future for the Ethereum platform lies within the next few years. Although it is still early in the game, there are already several digital currencies being traded on the market. The Stellaris and Hyperledger projects are both viable competitors to Ether, although there are a few differences between the two. However, since the Stellaris and Hyperledger project have not launched their respective markets, there is a good chance that the competition between these two teams will continue. Either way, investors have to choose which one is going to provide them with the best return, and at the moment the two have the upper hand, meaning that the ether has nowhere to go but up.

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