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Finding the Best YouTube Channels For Trading

Best Youtube Channels for Trading

You might be wondering what's so great about the Best YouTube Channels for trading currencies. After all, there are hundreds of channels on every topic you can think of, and there are surely hundreds of channels that will cater to your every need when it comes to currency trading. So how do you determine which is the best channel for trading? 

There's a formula, so it's not a question of "better or wrong," but more of "which one works?" Let's look at some channels that may help you with this.

Economics Explained

Economics Explained is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping subscribers learn the basics of foreign exchange. The videos are very clear and explain step-by-step exactly how to trade with different currencies. They also include a number of Dolar coupons and a frequently asked questions section. However, one downside to this channel is that they tend to use a lot of technical terms, so if you aren't really up to speed on currency trading terminology you may want to skip over this option. Otherwise, Dolar is worth checking out.


If you're looking for a beginner's channel that explains the basics of forex trading then Binance would be a good channel to subscribe to. Their videos are very clear and explain things like forex charts, moving averages and RSI in an easy to understand way.

The Moon

If you want to know the best way to invest your money then Wealthy Affiliate is the channel for you. They have videos both on the site itself and on their website that will give you a step by step explanation on how to invest your money. If you have a basic understanding of investing then this is a great channel.

Simulate & Trade

Simulate and Trade is focused on branding, and closing the entry gap for new investors. Leveraging data and experience, Simulate and Trade provides it's audience with degree of high quality videos focused on informing investors about the best stocks and constant update on the best investments.
Twitter; @rockstar_stocks

Final Stand

This is now the largest Dogecoin community on the internet! They also love to talk about finance and other cryptocurrencies.

He doesn't tell you what to do, he tells you what he has done.

William Investments

This channel has been created with the purpose of helping all Latino people financially.

A comfortable language to understand all the news related to the sotck, especially in AMC.
Investing in the United States Stock Exchange.

Trey's Trades

This is a documentation of your journey through finances and investing in today's market. He is not a financial advisor and does not recommend that you blindly follow your financial decisions.

Mainly focused on the stock of AMC and GME

Merch Store:

The Roaring Kitty

The Roaring Kitty channel revolves around educational live broadcasts where she shares her daily routine of tracking stocks and conducting investment research.

The Roaring Kitty channel and live broadcasts are for educational purposes only. Share your approach to investing in an effort to put you on the right track to develop your own investment process. It does not provide personal investment advice or stock recommendations during the transfer. Please understand that your investment style is extremely aggressive and you take on a substantial amount of risk. Your approach may not be the right fit for you. If you are looking for personalized advice, I encourage you to sit down with a financial professional who can review your personal situation, financial background, risk tolerance, etc.

Not a dead cat

Is it a buy

On this channel they do their best to provide you with the latest information and technical analysis on your favorite stocks.

It is covering the GME / AMC grips, as well as relevant news and DD. Always give your honest opinion on any action, even if it is not the popular one. Always keep in mind that you are not a professional or financial advisor, so take what he says with a grain of salt and do your own research before investing.

Do you know of more interesting channels? Tell us to publish them and learn more about this world

There are dozens more channels dedicated to currency trading, each of them offering their own particular advantages. You can search for the particular channel you're interested in by using one of the search options on YouTube. 

If you want to find all the videos regarding currency trading, you can specify "video" as the search term and type in "yt". This will pull up all the videos on the site related to investing and the basics of trading.

There are also several forums around the internet that talk about currency trading. Join one of them and ask questions about investing. The people there might be able to give you valuable advice that will help you make money. 

Before you make a decision about which channel is best, try to watch some of their videos to get a feel for what it's like to trade with them. You might be surprised by how much fun reading can be!

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