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Dogeboards Are the Future of the Digital Currency Market

Bitcoin Expectations vs Reality

The first major difference between the different currencies that are in circulation is the value. The value of a certain currency depends on the expectations of its consumers and investors. 

This is why the value of currencies like the US Dollar is not constant, but it stays fairly stable. On the other hand, the value of bitcoins is quite unstable compared to other currencies.

The other thing that makes bitcoins so unique compared to traditional currencies is its very short trading history. 

Unlike gold, which has been mined out from mines for millions of years, bitcoins were "minted" at a rate of less than a second. That means that the supply is cut in half, meaning that supply and demand are what determines its value. This process will take a while, and although the supply and demand factors are changing, it still won't reach the value that gold has with just a few days.

With this short trading period, people can buy and sell many times their present value. But unlike the gold market, the value of coins in the bitcoins is not subject to supply and demand. So you can buy a hundred thousand bitcoins for less than a single gold coin. This is the main reason why bitcoins have gained such a tremendous value within the past few months. But this also means that the supply is going to decrease very soon.

One other major difference between the two most valuable coins is the historical information that goes into their production. 

Gold and silver coins are created with a precious metal, which is generally determined by its price in real markets. By the time the coin is produced, it is already worth a lot. With bitcoins, anyone can create a new one with little effort. However, the future supply is unknown, and some experts even predict that it will cease to exist in the future.

If the future supply is unpredictable, then what does the future value of bitcoins have to do with the current market? It certainly has a great deal to do with it. Since there are no physical coins being issued, the supply can never be accurately predicted. So when the value of a bitcoins rises, it follows that the demand for them will rise as well. But this has to happen if the general public starts to perceive its value to be high. When this happens, then you can expect for more people to start investing in bitcoins.

There's no doubt that the future of bitcoins is exciting. No one knows what the government will do next, but we do know that the trend so far shows that it will most likely be digital. The only thing that matters is that the future of the market is still up to us, the public. Digital currencies like dogecoins will continue to rise in value as long as people perceive their value to be real.

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