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How the News Influence the Bitcoins Price

How the News Influence the Bitcoins Price

It seems like we have been hearing a lot lately about the impact that the media has on the price of certain commodities, including the price. 

If you have been paying attention to business news, particularly the financial news out there, you may have noticed that the price of certain commodities has gone down for the past few months, and this is no coincidence. 

Of course, the major newspapers have had a lot to do with this. However, if you dig deeper, you will learn that the drop in prices is not because of any change in the economy at large, but instead is caused by a simple case of supply and demand.

Supply is the force that drives a market, and when it changes, prices also change.

 In the case of the price of bitcoins, the news about how the United States government is considering legalizing the trade of virtual currencies was released just before the price started to drop. In other words, the news was said to be demand side and therefore effected the price. But did this affect the supply side? Actually, no.

In other words, the news created a demand for those who want to trade in the virtual world markets, and this created a downward movement in the price. If you look at the supply/demand diagram, you will see that there are only three elements that need to be met in order for there to be no movement on the supply side, and these elements are Dolar, Bitumen, and BitUSD. 

Dolar is basically an alternative currency that is used in the virtual world markets. It is up to the government whether or not to make it legal. And Bitumen is actually used in the mining industry as fertilizer, and BitUSD is the virtual currency that traders use to trade with in the virtual world market.

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