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How to Mine Dogecoin on PC - The Easy Way to Learn

How to mine dogecoin on PcIf you've been paying attention to the online world of the Dogecoin community then you may have heard the term "How to mine Dogecoin on Pc".

On the BinanceHotbit and Poloniex platforms you have that purchase option

 I'm sure you are as excited as I am to learn about it. As it turns out, the question is not how to mine Dogecoin but how to mine other currencies as well. And that's a subject that Binance and others are very keen to cover as well.

I actually took action on my own and mined some of this well known virtual currency. It wasn't hard because it's not that hard to get into. You don't need any special software or knowledge. Just know how to buy and sell the right way, that's all you really need.

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How to Mine Dogecoin on PC

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Is Dogecoin Mining Still Profitable?

I want to emphasize that mining Dogecoin still makes sense. People mine this coin. More than that, thanks to the strong growth of the price of Dogecoin in 2021, the mining of this coin became more profitable. So mining doesn't just "still" make sense. Rather, it makes more sense than before. Some prefer to hold DUX waiting for the growth of the currency while others look for the best bitcoin buying site in the UK to quickly sell what they have mined.

For example, in a Changelly cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin can be sold instantly on the main page of the website. You just need to register (it doesn't take long) and scroll down. At the bottom of the website, you have to submit and you get roughly sections. You must specify the exchange currencies and the amount of DOGE that you are going to sell. Tap on Exchange Now.

You then need to enter an address and complete the transaction. Considering how easy it is to sell DOGE while mining is still available to GPU / CPU rig owners, DOGE mining can really enhance your wealth.

Basic Mining Concepts

Assuming your mining knowledge is limited, here's a crash course on Dogecoin mining. When you are part of the network, your machine, the node, does calculations, and the first node to finish the calculation will be the one that receives the reward.

Mining is used for cryptocurrency networks based on the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus protocol. This means that the security and stable operation of the network depends on mining. Networks based on other consensus protocols (eg proof-of-stake) do not rely on mining at all. Mining is necessary for the validation of transactions. To protect the network from malicious actions, actions (transactions) of proof-of-work networks (Dogecoin is one of them) must be validated by the community (miners). Chains of transactions form blocks. To validate them, miners must sacrifice some hashing power to the network. Miners configure their devices to solve mathematical problems set by the network to create this energy-consuming barrier that keeps the network safe from intruders. As soon as the problem is resolved, the transaction block is founded and the hash is attached to it.

As the mining process is expensive, the network incentivizes the miners through the block reward. The miner who finds the block faster than others gets paid. Dogecoin has no limit on supply, so Dogecoins can be mined forever. Mining and proof-of-work in general are widely criticized for being too consuming. The difficulty of math tasks is constantly growing as more and more people get involved in mining using more powerful equipment. It leads to colossal energy consumption making crypto mining quite harmful in terms of ecology. To perform murky activity on the network one would have to control more than 50% of all the hashing power in the system. That's one of the reasons decentralization matters, as it helps resist intruders. Just think that every hacker will have to deal with the entire community if he wants to hijack the network. The situation when hackers manage to control more than 50% of the network and mess with transactions is called a 51% attack.

Types of Mining

There are three approaches to mining: pool mining, solo mining, and cloud mining. This last method is drastically different from the rest. In fact, cloud mining doesn't mean that you have to mine anything yourself. You just have to choose the plan and pay money. 

Based on what you have paid, the third party who has mining equipment will do the mining for you. Cloud mining companies mine coins using their own mining farms and every day they send customers rewards corresponding to the money they have spent on the mining plan (or contract). The more you pay, the more energy they use for mining. 

he rewards go to you, however, cloud mining rigs charge maintenance fees to keep your equipment well. The main problem with cloud mining is that most cloud mining platforms do not offer profitable plans or simply do not provide fair payments. 

There are a large number of cloud mining rigs that appear to be nothing more than Ponzi schemes as they sell mining contracts but stop sending payments to clients early afterwards. In most cases, they provide users with weak explanations on the matter and then shut down entirely. Choosing a cloud mining rig is not an easy task, however there are several decent providers around the world. Some of them can also be used to mine Dogecoin.

But I also wanted to make my story short and sweet. How to mine Dogecoin on PC isn't much of a secret anymore. 

With Binance, we were provided with an easy-to-use interface for doing just this. It was quite impressive really. And if you want to know how to mine Dogecoin on PC then make your move now.

I still use Dogecoins from time to pay for services on the web - like a blog, for example. I also use them to make donations to charities, spread the word about good causes or simply as profit generators. So that was my experience with mining. Now that Binance has launched their service I look forward to getting involved with it too.

The best thing about Binance is that it does all of this for free. 

That's great news. I don't even have to mine Dogecoin anymore. I can literally get involved without having to mine anything. Binance charges a small fee but I am sure that is worth it - especially if they allow you to set up accounts.

As for how to mine Dogecoin on PC, like I said above I use Binance so I will just link it here. It's easy to set it up. You put in your details once and it automatically sets everything up for you. It's easy to understand as well. After you set it up and run some scans on your PC, then you just wait. It will find as many coins as it can and report back to you.

I am not a professional so I couldn't tell you which Doge Coins you should mine. 

There are so many out there that it would be impossible to try to make money off of every single one. If you want to know how to make money with DogeCoins then you need to become one yourself. Learn the right skills and apply them.

Make sure you learn the basics first. Don't jump in and make millions right away. Take your time and keep at it. When you do become an expert, you will know how to mine Dogecoin on PC and make money.

One of the best ways to learn how to mine dogecoin on pc is by getting a guide. A guide will teach you what to mine, where to mine it, and how to maximize your profits. The more information you have the more money you will make. There are several guides on the internet that you can check out and get the information you need.

You can also use an automated software. This will help you a lot, especially if you don't want to learn how to do this. It will scan your computer for you and tell you exactly which places to mine. This can be very useful because you can't be there to watch it do its thing. However, you must be able to read the signals it gives you and make the right decisions.

Lastly, you can try your hand at mining. 

This may sound risky, but you can take a risk. All you need to do is to make sure you're up to the challenge. If you don't want to mine in risky places, you can always use an automated software to scan the whole map for you. However, if you want to be really successful, then you'll need to know how to mine at dangerous places.

I learned how to mine Dogecoins on PC the hard way. It took me months of trial and error, using the information I found online. Follow the steps above to avoid wasting time and money.

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