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The Concept of the Blockchain Technology Explained in a YouTube Video

blockchain technology explained youtube

A quick explanation of the Blockchain technology and its relation to Cryptocurrency would be in order. 

The distributed ledger technology is the underlying technological platform that underlies all of the major currencies, including but not limited to: the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Euro, the Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen. 

The reason why this particular technology is so important is because it provides a unique, dustless method of transfer of value that mathematically ensures complete economic transparency across the board. There are currently billions of dollars Transacted everyday in the currency market.

One thing that is unique about the distributed ledger technology is that it is not centralized like the traditional database server technology used by banks and other financial institutions. With the advancement of the technology there is less reliance on large companies or governments to keep track of and secure the various keys that are needed to access the various currencies. 

This allows for a much more secure environment for everyone involved in the global marketplace. Imagine being able to trade one currency and one company from the comfort of your home with no personal information changing hands. In other words, you could literally be a millionaire the next day from the simple exchange of your money.

There is a growing community of people interested in learning more about this revolutionary technology. If you're looking for information regarding Binance, the latest project that has introduced a disruptive new way to invest, then you should definitely check out the video above. In the meantime, the cryptocoin community will continue to thrive as more entrepreneurs and developers take an interest in the technology. Anyone can become involved in the growth of the Binance team and the Cryptobank.

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