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The Innovation Zone - Binance - Becoming the New Face of Soccer Team Investments

Binance Will List FC Barcelona Fan Token in the Innovation Zone

One of the newest members of the emerging "New Economy" is Binance, which has recently made a bold move into the realm of soccer team sponsorship. Binance is a web-based platform that allows its users to invest in and track the financial results of other companies. 

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The company is taking the concept of venture capital and leveraging it to invest in soccer teams and in the actual sport itself. Binance has created an interactive website where sports enthusiasts can learn more about the tokens they have the opportunity to sponsor.

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This is not the first time Binance is attempting to make headway into the world of soccer team investments. 

In fact, it has become one of the most active outgrowths of the already massive and lucrative secondary market for soccer team merchandise and rights. Secondary markets are those that exist outside of brick and mortar retailers and are directly accessible online. For years, brick and mortar retailers have focused their investment in the expansion of the soccer team roster, the training of young star athletes and the marketing of the sport itself.

Binance, like many of its competitors, works off of a model where its investors purchase a percentage (a pre-determined amount) of the shares of a team they want to invest in. Once an investor purchases a Binance soccer team token, they can then sell that same Binance token to another individual or group that they choose. By buying and selling soccer team shares through this system, investors can enjoy a passive income stream while they build their net worth. Because there is no initial investment required, there is also no risk. However, there can be large losses should you overpay for your investment.

The idea of investing in other people's soccer team shares was conceived of John Cole, the founder of Binance. 

In his words, he saw the innovation zone as an opportunity to "put money into the future." The innovation zone, in his mind, represented a future where companies like Binance would make the decisions for the growth and success of the company. It was in this future that individual investors would be able to cash in on their financial potential by trading their Binance team shares for immediate profit.

John Cole has had years of experience in the soccer industry working with some of the biggest names in the sport. He understands the need to position Binance in a position to be an aggressive and influential force in the soccer team market. As a result, John has designed a unique marketing strategy that allows Binance to position itself as the leader in the innovative revolution taking place in the soccer team industry. Through Binance's strategic investor program, team owners can expect to receive one hundred percent team returns with no investment in up front fees.

The innovative strategy of Binance will list FC Barcelona's treasured "Barcelona 70th" shirt as one of their investment options. 

This shirt was originally made by Adidas, but is now available through Binance and is expected to fetch a high price when it goes on sale at the end of this summer season. By positioning Binance among the leaders of the soccer team industry, the company is looking to take advantage of the fan base for their wildly successful team. Additionally, John Cole states that Binance is positioned to capitalize on the already strong fan base of the club which already generates a strong fan base of its own. John sees the potential for additional revenue by selling Binance team shares to interested investors.

Soccer fans around the world have taken full advantage of the popularity of FC Barcelona, and they continue to do so as well as making huge sums of money doing so. John Cole has a background in sales and business development and Binance is following a similar strategy of investing in soccer teams as well as other teams which they view as being highly lucrative and profitable. It should be noted that with the advent of online trading using the credit card, the amount of transactions for such high profile sports merchandise has become increasingly popular. This has made it feasible to make a profit from Binance and other online brokerages that are based strictly online, which is where Binance fits into the picture.

If you want to purchase Binance tokens and other soccer team stocks which are listed on the Binance marketplace then you will need to add your bid to the currently live auction and be approved before you can begin buying your tokens. 

This will ensure that you will only ever have to pay for what you are willing to pay for, therefore guaranteeing maximum security from any fraudulent bids. In fact, if you are a fan of a particular team who wants to invest in the future then you may even want to consider buying Binance as part of the innovation zone. In other words, if you are an enthusiastic fan and you are ready to jump in and help build a profitable future for your favorite team then by all means participate in Binance and other online brokerages and buy Binance tokens which will increase in value as time goes on.

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