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What Is Dogecoin - The Joke Currency

Dogecoin has taken the world of internet comedy by storm. The funny side of the coin was seen when a website that offers Dogecoins as a form of exchange for some online shopping was found to be offering Dogexic value for purchases. 

This raised hackles on the financial experts and made them pour more than a liter of coffee over the issue. So what is the joke, how did this happen?

What is dogecoin the joke cryptocurrency more attractive than bitcoin

The website in question accepts major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and even money transfers from US banks to its Dogexic account. This raised hackles because of a Dogecoin value that was supposed to be equal to a US dollar. Soon afterwards, the value was changed to Pounds and the experts on the Dogecoin blog started laughing. 

This created yet another ruckus because if Pounds have a value then why would there be a Doge value and the exchange would become meaningless.

Soon after this whole mess the government ordered a Dogeicle on eBay to stop the Dogexic sale but it never got off the ground. The situation became so ridiculous that the Dogeicles were soon sold out and now the website does not even have a web address. The value of the Dogecoins was lowered to almost zero and the whole economic theory became compromised. Experts were scratching their heads wondering what else can they come up with to make more of an income?

But then a bright light appeared. Doge Coins was launched as a joke currency that would attract people towards it. And indeed they did. In fact, Doge Coins became the new favourite joke currency. This was quite profitable for the joke currency makers who saw the great potential in this rather unorthodox method of giving out free money.

So, what is Doge Coins the New Currency? It is nothing but an old-fashioned gold coin that has been given a Doge Coin value in homage to all the people that enjoy sharing doges. This method is not just about making some quick cash with a new currency that will surely lose value in the blink of an eye. This is something that can keep you busy for years to come and that too without hurting anyone's pockets.

What is Dogecoin the New Currency is about spreading the word and keeping people interested in the World Wide Web? People are always looking for something new on the Internet and if you give it to them they would not stop talking about you and your business for very long. You just have to have something interesting to share and that is where Doge Coin enters the picture. It is a very good source of information about the latest in the new trend of the World Wide Web.

Doge Coin is a perfect example of the latest trend. The new Doge coin was designed to be unique from all the other existing coins in the market. The concept was to make Doge Coins the laughing stock of people. The idea behind this was to make people talk about you and your business for as long as possible. You do not have to worry about spending big amounts of money on advertising. Doge Coin is all about using humor and creating awareness at the same time.

The next question that would come to mind is what is Dogecoin the joke currency? This is a product that is a perfect match for people that enjoy the current trend of the Internet. Doge is a very fun and interesting coin that would make any user feel like he or she is on the center of the world. This is the reason why the Doge has been given a Doge Coin value and standing for itself among all other currencies. What is Dogecoin the joke currency can create a huge impact on the world? This would increase interest in the new currency and would help in bringing in more investors that would make the Doge rise in value over a period of time.

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