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Youngest Proto Millionaire and Shiba As Company founders Emerge From Tradition


In early April of this year, Vitalik Buterin sold up his share of shiba in urology and dog implants, causing a sharp drop in medical currency. On Wednesday, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin transferred his stake of shiatsu, dog implants, and alopecia, also selling off his share of the virtual currency, ether, to an NGO that aims to make the world less dependent on fossil fuels. During the same week, Buterin sold another chunk of ether toICOOM. The move came after the company announced that it was going into partnership with Vitalik Buterin's company, a London-based company that uses smart contract technology to enable complete global settlement through peer-to-peer lending. ICOOM is also working closely with the World Economic Forum and the World Bank's Development Research Group to use its platforms for trade finance, technology transfer, venture capital, infrastructure development, and energy deregulation.

What makes the move byICOOM all the more interesting is its plans for the future. 

"ICOOM and Vitalik Buterin sees the opportunity in using the emerging technologies to completely eliminate poverty and achieve financial freedom for the people of Third World countries through the adoption of a hybrid private/public model," according to a press release from the company. The two organizations hope that their joint venture will spur growth in the dogecoin community as well as encourage investors to move their money over to the new token. However, the move might backfire, given that the dogecoin price has been subject to huge fluctuations and a large portion of traders still consider it too risky to invest in. The sale of shiba inu was already planned prior to the partnership.

The partnership marks the first time that an exchange-traded fund has been established with a non-traditional market such as the internet. This is in line with the overall trend of tokens being exchanged between cryptosystems and the like. There is also the potential for a much greater valuation when the value of the shiba coins increase even further. ICOOM and Vitalik Buterin estimate that the total market cap of the entire cryptosystem will increase around 100 times in the coming years, which would make theICOOM/ButerpayICO deal worth around $4.5billion.

Vitalik Buterin andICOOM got the idea for a dogecoin-centered venture while they were attending Harvard University together. 

Their professor was also an avid enthusiast of the cryptocoin and was quite impressed with the technology behind the venture. When Buterin and Vitalik started brainstorming about how best to raise funds, they discovered that there was no other platform that could accomplish what the cryptosystem DogeX is capable of doing. They decided to create an exchange-traded fund, which is commonly known as BTER. When it was launch day, the two decided to use the word "coccyx" instead of shiatsu in their names, since the latter is slang for a masseuse.

BTER was launched on April Fool's Day and quickly raised over a hundred million dogecoin. During its launch, the website had only ever handled one currency, the Canadian dollar, but was able to raise five currency pairs by using the shiatsu Meme system. Today, approximately half of the shiba inu coins are contributed by fundraisers, while the other half is supplied by a variety of media sources. The non-profit is in need of capital to expand its work, so it does not have any employees, but relies entirely on volunteers from all over the world. The goal of the non-profit corporation is to educate underprivileged children about the advantages of exchanging currencies like shiatsu.

To date, the non-profit has four projects: helping families in crisis situations through helping the underprivileged, educating students about shiatsu, and working with the government to establish thoughtful liquidation plans. The work of Cryptorelief_ is focused on trying to make the donation process more feasible for people across the globe, especially those who don't have access to capital or those who want to donate to Cryptorelief_ but have no idea where to go. With a focus on education, the organization hopes that people who can't afford to donate will be persuaded to give through awareness promotions. Through this, they hope to raise enough funds to establish a database of potential donors, expand their educational tools, hire some staff members, and create some marketing strategies.

The first project, entitled Vitalik Meme, will be used to teach underprivileged children how to exchange currencies with their classmates in the country and the rest of the world. The goal will be to establish an economic exchange that will bring in fifty per cent of the funds required to keep the non-profit running. The campaign will also introduce students to the benefits of using cash and to show them the importance of spending money wisely. The Vitalik coin, which is made from the original gold coin of Japan, is one of the most unique and popular promotional items being used by various charitable organizations in Asia. Each Vitalik coin has a unique background, the design of which was conceptualized by Shiseido, one of the largest jewelry companies in Japan.

The success of Vitalik and other projects by Cryptorelief in the Asia-Pacific region could not be measured only by the number of people who are excited enough to donate, but also by the fact that many people are now actually selling the Shiba coins they have collected. While it is true that the younger generations are more interested in these things than ever before, it is also true that older people who are familiar with these products still value them as precious collectibles. The company expects that once the new products, such as the Vitalik Meme series, are introduced, the older generation will start clamoring to get their share of the profits from these highly collectible coins. This could spell good news for Shiseido, since its products will always be in demand. This is a great example of how a new trend can find its way into an already established niche, creating a whole new market and helping to solidify a company's place in the cultural landscape.

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